Calgary Workplace Harassment Investigations

Calgary Workplace Harassment Investigations

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HR Proactive Inc. leads the way in conducting Calgary-based workplace harassment investigations.

Profit By Proactive Prevention

Our company will conduct thorough investigations into allegations of workplace harassment. Complaints may include sexual harassment, bullying, threats of violence, and all other human rights protected grounds of harassment and discrimination, code of conduct violations or breach of company policy.

HR Proactive Inc. can provide a timely, thorough and fair investigation often leading to a cost-effective resolution. Complainants who are satisfied with the way in which the investigation was handled often choose not to avail themselves of their rights to other remedies under various human rights codes or grievances or wrongful dismissal. A timely response to the complaint shows the complainant that the organization takes the matter seriously and prevents problems from escalating. It is important to hear all sides of the story. Personal respondents who believe they have been given the opportunity to adequately prepare for an interview and be heard are more likely as well to choose to accept the findings and not pursue the matter further.

An employer should ensure that an investigation appropriate in the circumstances is conducted into incidents or complaints of workplace harassment.

HR Proactive Inc. has provided workplace harassment investigation services for over twenty five years. Our Investigators are trained specialists with backgrounds in the Human Rights and Occupational Health & Safety field and/or Police Services. They have an extensive working knowledge of the Canadian Human Rights Act, Alberta Human Rights Act, Employment Standards Act, Workers’ Compensation (WCB) System, Bill 30 and the Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Act. We have completed workplace investigations covering Human Rights complaints, bullying and harassment, sexual harassment, discrimination, workplace violence, and company policy breaches. Where applicable, our Investigators review and analyze surveillance video as part of the evidence provided. Our client base includes repeat clients and new clients from both the public and private sectors.

Sectors of Experience

Calgary Harassment Investigation

At HR Proactive Inc., we have conducted workplace investigations across Canada in all major sectors and are a trusted provider to:

Health Care & Hospitals


Property Management & Condo Boards

Not-for Profit Organizations

School Boards

Government & Municipalities

Understanding Evidence

An effective investigation gathers sufficient evidence to prove or disprove the material facts leading to a conclusion as to whether or not workplace harassment occurred.

Interview Record

Records of all interviews should be retained and maintained. Digital audio recorders are relatively inexpensive and have the advantage of playback, track marking (noting the

What is evidence?

Evidence Is information that is admissible proof of the facts in issue. It is usually something that can be perceived by the senses. It can

Prima Facie Case

Does the complaint, on the face of it, meet the definition of harassment? In other words, if proven, would the allegation or situation amount to

Types of Complaints

HR Proactive Inc. has conducted neutral third-party investigations into the following types of complaints:

  • Personal Harassment
  • Sexual Harassment/Sexual Violence
  • Poisoned Work Environment
  • Bullying and Psychological Harassment
  • Abuse of Authority Harassment
  • Racial Harassment and Workplace Discrimination
  • Gender Harassment
  • Religion/Creed Harassment
  • Disability-based Harassment
  • Age-based Harassment
  • Sexual Orientation Harassment
  • Physical Violence & Harassment
  • Systemic Discrimination
  • Cyberbullying Harassment
  • Third-party Harassment
  • Retaliation Harassment
  • Conflict of Interest
  • Financial Impropriety
  • Workplace Violence & Harassment Investigations under the Canada Labour Code

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